GIBET have SHOT the ROCKETS on the Accumulator Bonus from 135% to a staggering 230%! Yes, the biggest EVER in the industry.

GIBET Soccer accumulator offer includes all top domestic leagues in Europe along with the group and knockout stages of the Champions and Europa League. You can earn a bonus of up to 230% if you place accumulators on any Football events [Premier League, Serie A, Primera Liga, Bundesliga, Championship, Europa League, Champions League etc.]
Now, all online & in-shops customers can enjoy up to 230% bonus on their potential winnings. Oh yea, Betting just got better! 
How it works
The multiplier bonus boost means that you are getting an extra value to your actual win. This bonus is awarded if your bet meets the following simple requirements; 
Your bet has more than 4 or more selections
The 4 selections must have odds of at least 1.20. For example, if your ticket contains 12 selections with 8 having odds of 1.10, 4 having odds of 1.20, then the bonus will not be applied. But if your ticket has selections with 8 having odds of 1.20 and 4 having odds of 1.00, then the bonus will apply on the 8 selections. 
What to note:
Void events are not considered as a qualifying selection 
The bonus starts from 5% of the actual winning (for 4 events) and increases by an average of 5% as you add more events to your ticket. 
If your ticket has 40 selections matching the requirement, then your bonus is 230% 
[Stake 500 NGN on 40 lines of games; with minimum of 1.20 odds & above and enjoy 3.3 times of your actual winnings.]    
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The Bonus Calculation can be seen below; 

Total Odds * Stake = Actual Winning 

Bonus % * Actual Win = Bonus Value

Actual Win + Bonus Value = Total Potential Win

Change your story with GiBET